Academic Help for Students: Where to Find Comparison and Contrast Essay Examples

Today, students can find numerous academic writing help online. If you need to prepare a comparison and contrast essay, you can find a good example, so you will save your time and write a better paper. However, before you start searching for one, you should understand what a comparison and contrast essay is. Here is the guide for you.

A comparison essay is a type of academic writing assignment, in which students should provide critical analysis of two chosen subjects. They might be situations, events, persons, and so on. Your task is to determine their differences and similarities. You should keep in mind that it makes sense to look for an example that is both comparative and contrasting, so you will be able to use a structure and organization of a sample paper for your own.

It is recommended to use only reliable sources, otherwise you are risking picking a poor essay assignment that is pointless to use. You can find examples you need using the following options:

  1. Ask your supervisor.
  2. Almost every supervisor collects great papers of former students. These papers are often used for educational purposes. It is easier to explain common mistakes and great solutions having something on hand. In most cases, you will not be able to take a sample paper with you and study it later, therefore take notes and ask questions as soon as you have them. Your supervisor may also tell you where you can find other essay examples to look through.

  3. Talk to a librarian.
  4. Students often avoid asking librarians for help. However, you can get plenty of useful information after talking to a librarian, including suggestions on what comparison and contrast essay examples to use in order to prepare a solid paper. You can ask to find examples written on a certain topic, so you will be able to learn something new about your study subject and get a list of references that you can use as well.

  5. Search online.
  6. This is the most popular option, and many students prefer looking for academic paper examples online. Though it is easy to find hundreds of examples, you should spend some time and evaluate them. It is better to use the recommendations of your classmates and friends and visit a website of a credible writing agency. It often provides free collections of essay samples. You should search by the essay type, get a list of comparison and contrast essays, and select several high ranked papers with positive comments received from other students.