Helpful Instructions for Selecting an Argumentative Essay Topic

Right from the beginning you need to understand that an argumentative essay topic requires you to be argumentative. You need a topic which divides public opinion. Once you find that topic you choose one side of the argument. And from there you build your case. How well you build your case will determine the score you will get from your teacher or professor.

Here are some helpful instructions to help you select the best possible argumentative essay topic.

  • Are you interested in this topic?
  • Do you believe the argument you wish to support?
  • Can you find material to substantiate your point of view?
  • Can you denigrate the other side of the argument?

It makes such a difference to your writing if you like the essay topic or if you have a passionate belief in the argument that you are going to write about. It may not be possible to find such a topic but because there is such a range of topics available, it makes sense that you choose one which particularly appeals to you.

And your interest in the topic is further boosted if you strongly believe in the argument you wish to support. Of course a professional writer will be able to be objective but being objective and at the same time being a passionate believer in the cause you are hoping to promote gives you a double whammy. It’s that heady mixture of a strong argument supported by solid evidence and enthusiasm or faith in the cause.

Mind you the whole thing collapses if you're not able to access relevant and interesting information to support your argument. There will be a number of main points you will make in the body paragraphs of your argumentative essay but if you can't find these main points because you can't access the research material then you will struggle. Check out the relevance and availability of research material before you settle on your essay topic. This is all part of a solid preparation.

There will be another side or sides to the argument in your essay topic. If you can spend a little time pointing out the weaknesses of the opposite point of view, you will get a balance to your argumentative essay and at the same time give yourself a chance of getting an even higher score. Don’t neglect the support for your case but a combination of the two is a great idea.