A Few Words About The Academic Writing Industry: Custom Essay Writing

Custom essay writing services are the new way that students are getting away with not writing their own work. These kinds of sites have become a nightmare for schools because they are a form of cheating but in most cases they are harder to prove. Some professors will get an essay or paper from a student that hasn’t done very well all year and then all of a sudden they hand in a well-written essay or paper.

Technically, this is an original work but the student didn’t write it himself or herself. Custom essay writing services write their essays or papers so that they are well written and pass any plagiarism checker. This helps them have happy customers that will give them more business. But what are the downfalls if you get caught handing in an essay or paper you didn’t write.

Consequences To Getting Caught

When you cheat by handing in a paper that you didn’t write, there are some major things that your school can do to punish you. And this kind of cheating will go on your school record and future schools you want to attend and sometimes even potential employers will see this.

One of the lightest punishments that you will might get if you are caught handing in a paper from one of these sites is that you will fail the class, which lowers your GPA. Which can be hard to get back up, especially if you get a zero. And you might not even be allowed to retake the class, which affects your graduation.

Suspension is the next level that your school can take. This puts you far behind and then you will have to go to a different school or wait until the suspension is over before you can return. And the suspension time varies so you could lose a semester or even a whole year because you didn’t want to write your own paper.

The harshest of these punishments is to be expelled from the school; some schools even do this on the first offense because they are highly against this. Being expelled can prevent you from finishing your degree and even trying to go back to school. And employers will see this, if you try to apply to certain jobs like federal ones. They do an extensive background check and they will see it. Now ask yourself, is it really worth it?