A List of Funny Cause and Effect Essay Topics

In any Cause and Effect Essay Topic, there has to be two parts to the topics; what the cause was, and how it led to the effect. With this, here are many doors opened that can be written about. Including some quite funny topics. Such as how ‘stubbing one’s toe, lead to finding a ₤100.00 note’. Many of the old comedies were based off from this type of topic, and many of those were from real situations. So finding these topics, can be very fun and challenging as well.

  1. Accidents
  2. Weird Associations
  3. Random Occurrences
  4. Pets
  5. Just Funny


Accidents, even though embarrassing, can also lead to some very funny reactions. Many of these can make for funny Cause and Effect essays.

  • Wrong Word Usage; how a wrong word in an instruction, led to a funny mishap
  • Wrong Door
  • Tripping on something, and finding something valuable
  • Tripping on something, and causing a chain of events
  • Throwing something, and accidental ricochet
  • Reaching in a Purse, and pulling the wrong thing out in public

Weird Association

Some things just should not be associated, but when they are, it can be funny.

  • Family Guy and Psychology
  • You cease to believe you may cease to behave
  • Life and Plays
  • Money, fools, and Politics
  • Vacuums and Wool Carpets
  • Science and Politics

Random Occurrences

Random occurrences can begin some very funny situations and effects.

  • Young Child, Falling Star, food, in a Car
  • How a wrong word can ruin a Defense Case in court
  • Hungover, and an early Wedding, (Groom or the person performing the wedding)
  • Business Advertisement, and Clothing Malfunction
  • Confusing Poison Ivy with Ivy
  • Deer with Something hanging from its Antler


We have all seen the effects that pets can cause, and many of these can be totally hysterical.

  • Cats and Dog beds
  • Cats are dominate
  • The Prankster Cat; Show why a cat likes a prank, there is always a reason, and they can be very funny
  • Pet Owners, act like their Pets
  • Effects of Pets on their owners; This can be a very comical essay
  • The way pets show their love

Just Funny

Some cause and effect essays, will not fall into these categories, but they are still funny.

  • Using logic with a Two year Old
  • Technology, more for the kids, than adults
  • Education and real world intelligence
  • Effect of Television and Intelligence
  • Sex Education, and Juvenile Hormones
  • Women vs Men Shoppers