How To Create A Text Response Essay About On The Waterfront

Most students feel that this type of paper is simple to write. The steps behind writing it are simple to understand. The trick to preparing a quality piece of work is in the analysis. Discussing the ideas, themes, and characters of the film, play, or novel. These are the most popular forms of work mostly used in the papers. This article will explain how to create a text response essay about, “On the Waterfront”.

  1. Develop an understanding of the plot that the students can comprehend. They should be able to see why you view the characters, themes, and ideas in the manner you do. The best way of analyzing the work is through the author’s writing style.

  2. This analysis is done by paying attention to the structure and features of the author’s narrative texts to form the meaning. The time and style of language. These things can put you in the cultural, or historical place of the story.

  3. Pay attention to the way the characters use their language and emotions to grab the audience’s attention. The more familiar you are with the work the deeper you can get to the author’s messages.

  4. The introduction to this style of paper consists of the author’s name and short overview of what will be explained.

  5. This film was made the great piece of art by the portrayal of the actors. Their talent made it easy to pull the audience into their worlds. You hung on their every action and word. This made a fair writer good, and a good writer great. The transitions were too easy to see and follow.

  6. The film was basically about the battle of right and wrong in the world filled with badness. This thought process included the producer (Kazan). The film was telling two stories in one. Terry Malloy could be replaced by Kazan with him comparing his real-life experience with the film. Terry spent years mentally torturing himself about a decision that he could no longer live with. Terry and his brother who seen things in a different light came to a head in the back of a cab. The way Terry pushed the gun away told the story of how they felt about each other. Edie Saint and Father Barry stood on the right but endangered side of the mob. Together with Terry they fight against all odds.

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