Writing A Long Essay On Pollution: Great Suggestions 

Long essays are not the students’ favorites. While composing a short paper is a rather manageable task, it may be rather problematic to fit the word count of a longer project. This assignment may be even more problematic if you should write about some standard and boring issue instead of the topic you have a passion for. Should you write about pollution? Don’t worry! This topic can be developed well enough to meet the length requirements, and you may even enjoy the process of writing by choosing an interesting aspect of the subject to research. The following suggestions will help you craft a good long essay on pollution:

  • Narrow the topic down.
  • Of course, a general narration of what pollution is and how it affects our life can make a really long paper. However, will it be a qualitative essay? Of course, it will not. A good essay topic should be narrow enough, and such a choice will be appreciated by your teacher. Here are some topic suggestions that may boost your inspiration and creativity:

    • Measuring air pollution: how can a quality of air be checked?
    • Emissions on the road: should we refuse from using cars?
    • Greenhouse effect: isn’t the problem exaggerated?
    • Extraordinary sources of hazardous air pollutants.
    • Oil spills: negative effects and possible solutions.
    • Noise pollution: is it a real problem or a mere trifle?

    Now you can see that the subject of pollution isn’t as boring as it may seem at a first glance. Moreover, all these ideas can be effectively developed into a long essay.

  • Research your topic.
  • You should have enough materials to base your work on. Use different sources and learn different opinions on your research question. Write down all useful quotations, statistical data, and examples that may come in handy.

  • Make an outline.
  • An outline is a great tool that will help you organize your ideas and put them in a right order. Each following argument should logically arise from the previous one, and your paper should be consistent.

  • Write your essay.
  • When creating a first draft of your paper, don’t be too scrupulous. Just write down everything you want to say on your topic of pollution. If you think too much over each word and phrase, it won’t do any good. By doing so, you won’t get the needed length fast. Apt quotations and relevant statistics will also make your essay long. Moreover, if you explain and comment them in your work, your paper will only benefit in terms of length and clarity.