Tips And Ideas For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Media

There is a lot that you can be able to write about when it comes to a cause and effect essay and with a particular emphasis on the media. The media has been at the forefront of so many things that we know about, from politics to advancements in technology and other fields. Of course it is important to appreciate and understand the need to ensure that we get information about all the things that are going on around us, but there are times when erroneous reporting has led to calamities of incredible proportions. There are certain times when a breach in ethical protocols in the media industry has led to actions and consequences that can only be mentioned in hush tones, for fear of eliciting emotions. These are but some of the simple ideas that should give you something to smile about when you are thinking about writing on something in as far as the media is concerned.

Since you have been asked to write on the media, the following are some simple ideas that can perhaps help you set the tone for your paper, and in the long run make it easier for you to think forward about what you want to achieve for this paper.

  1. 1. How the media can be used to start a war
  2. 2. Discuss the challenges facing North Korea and the US, and how the media plays a role in this melee
  3. 3. Having watched The Interview, explain how the media can be used to instigate a standoff between two countries
  4. 4. Discuss some of the ethical issues that are called into place when media houses go to report war on the battlefront
  5. 5. Explain why media houses like Aljazeera, CNN and BBC have been criticized in the past for their biased reporting on developing countries
  6. 6. Discuss the role that the media can play in peacekeeping missions

When you look at some of these titles, you can see for sure that there really is a lot that you can think about with respect to the media. The choice of a cause and effect essay in particular and with an emphasis on the media should be an easy one, because there is nothing about the media that ever stays put. Once something is reported, there is always a spillover and consequences.