A Brief Outline For Writing An Essay About Rosa Parks

In the event that you are taking up a course in history, one of the topics that you will have to sit through in class is civil rights and activism. These days we see activism in different parts of the world. Thanks to the internet we are able to champion for some of them through signing petitions and so forth. You can be in the US but through social media you will be able to champion for the rights of the oppressed in say a country like Syria.

Rosa Parks was one of the most vocal civil rights activists of her time, and even after her death in 2005, her work still remains in the hearts of many. So many of the freedoms that we are enjoying at the moment are as a result of people like her and the work that they did, the wars and battles that they fought so that today we can be able to live as free men and women.

Writing an essay outline on her life is not difficult. The following are some ideas that you can use to help you get this paper in the right direction:

  1. Choose a suitable title
  2. Determine your talking points
  3. Address civil rights activism
  • Choose a suitable title
  • The first thing that you are supposed to do for this and any other paper that you are tasked with working on, is to make sure that you have a really good title. A good title will set the pace and the tone for your paper when your teacher is reading through it. This will also make it much easier for them to make sure that when they are giving you marks, they award you marks that you truly deserve.

  • Determine your talking points
  • For such an influential individual, you will need to come up with specific talking points that you want to address in this essay. Try and make sure that the points you choose will resonate well with the topic that you have chosen, and this will make it easier for you to deliver on the core needs of this task.

  • Address civil rights activism
  • Since Rosa Parks was an activist, you will surely fail if you were to write an essay about her, but fail to discuss the concept of activism, or how her legacy lives on as a result of the work she did.