Creating A Narrative Essay About Love: A Great Strategy

Love is the topic on just about everyone’s mind for the most part of their lives. It also happens to be the most undefined human emotional trait quite often defying logical explanation and its therefore no surprise that many people have problems expressing this emotion. I claim to be no expert, however, here are some tips that I find useful when writing about love.

  1. 1. Say it exactly as you think it.
  2. Giving the importance the topic of love usually has when it happens to come up in conversation, many people feel like they have to be Shakespearean about their language. This is not true, the most heartfelt confessions of love are usually done by blabbering nervous individuals. Be honest about how you feel about the topic, and express it exactly as you think it, since it is different for everyone.

  3. 2. Don’t try to over express
  4. Many may think they have to be as smooth and poetic as that movie heart throb and end up making a fool of themselves or simply misunderstood. Spewing deep meaning-full sounding lines that don’t apply to themselves really but can be said for a broad portion of the population. Avoid this, love is unique.

  5. 3. Ask other people
  6. Having said that love is unique, it makes sense that a great strategy for writing about love would be to ask others how they think and feel about it. Don’t be too judgmental about their responses, take them as they are and try to understand from the individual’s point of view. It is no surprise they may be vastly different from yours.

  7. 4. Ask your parents
  8. We spend our entirely school life watching our peers fall in and out of love, but quite often our parents were already in the relationship state they currently are in when we met them. Ask your parents about their views on love, they will quite likely be very different from any you know and can be a good source for a different opinion on love.

  9. 5. Ask someone who loves you
  10. Be careful to not use an accusatory tone when posing this question for obvious reasons. Your significant other would know you the best and should be able to give an explanation of love that you can experience yourself even though its from a different person.

Using all these opinions, you should now be able to formulate a reasonable narrative about love and i hope it helps.