A List Of Winning Informative Essay Topics For 8th Grade Students

When writing an informative essay you generally want an 8th grader to be interested and enjoy writing about a specific topic. There are tons of subjects to develop some really good topics from, but it might be easier to narrow down the focus to a dozen or so that students will feel at ease discussing while still feeling challenged. Here is a list of winning informative essay topics to consider:

  1. Discuss how your favorite childhood toy was made and the reasons why you liked it so much.
  2. Discuss your favorite genre of storytelling and what elements does it have that are unique from other ones.
  3. Describe a personal life lesson or experience from your past and what it is you learned and why it’s important to you now.
  4. Describe the differences between old and young people and how this affects the way the two behave towards one another.
  5. Tell us all that you know about the solar system and explain why Pluto either is or isn’t a planet.
  6. Tell us what your favorite invention is and why you have concluded it to be the best.
  7. Tell us what your least favorite book is and the reasons you have for coming to your decision.
  8. Describe the biggest pranks pulled on you and/or another person and give details of why it worked so well.
  9. Describe a phobia that you have and the ways in which it has affected the way you live your life.
  10. Say something informative about one of the fringe political parties in existence and the ways it affects policy.
  11. Explain what you know about how the planets and stars were formed.
  12. Discuss the importance of bees to the earth’s ecology and why people should be concerned about their disappearance.
  13. Explain how your favorite sport is played and how the rules have changed over the years.
  14. Explain how an electric car works and the ways in which it helps or doesn’t help the environment.
  15. Provide a brief profile or biography of someone who is important to you in your personal life.
  16. Tell us what your favorite movie is and the reasons you have for choosing this one.
  17. Give a list of the country’s most popular baby names as well as their meaning.
  18. Provide a profile or biography of a funny or stupid criminal who made mistakes to get caught.