How To Compose An Outline For A Definition Essay 

Definition essays are mostly misunderstood. Though it is an interesting one to write but causes fear in many candidates. Usually, its outline is quite similar to that of any other treatise with the difference that definition essay describes the words, concepts, their meanings and connotations.

What is a definition essay?

This composition is based on the explanations of various terms used. The analysis of the terms is based on only one meaning. The definition is also used from the position of the person. The classification is generally done on two grounds-

  • Material terms: Table, door, printer etc.
  • Spiritual terms: Love, honor, hate, friendship, pride etc.

Tips for writing an eminent piece of definition essay-

  • The term should be defined to the reader.
  • The information should be well presented and clear.
  • Use as many examples to develop clear understanding in the reader’s mind from the author’s perspective.

Three golden rules -

  • Avoid using” when and “where” while defining any term. A noun should be defined through a noun and a verb should be defined with a verb respectively.
  • The definition should not be a copied one and should be innovatively written by the author.
  • Always employ simple language to explain the definition.

The structure:

The chief component that decides its structure are-

  • Thesis statement
  • Examples
  • Author’s final restatement

Some unique definition topics could be written on academic subjects, events, personalities, theories etc. The only point to ensure here is that you need to compare at least two or more subjects under discussion.

Important feature of introduction: Introduction of the definition essay should be attention grabbing. Begin your introduction with any of the following-

  • Short anecdote
  • Extended definition
  • A few open ended questions

Create a link between the hook and your thesis: The sentences written here should be such that the reader develops an understanding regarding the definition of the essay.

  • Thesis: Include the word that you want to define followed by a good scale planning.
  • Body paragraphs: Define word used in the topic that refers to thesis. Show similar example words. Analyze the words being used. Minimally use three words. Continue defining the words in various paragraphs followed by the example analysis.
  • Conclusion: Reiterate your thesis with an innovative approach. Take references and restate the significant points taken from the body paragraphs. Connect to introductory part to end your article.