How to Use Free 5-Paragraph Essays to Compose Your Paper Effortlessly

You probably know that you should not copy any free essay samples from the Web as it is easily detectable and can result in a zero mark. However, you can avoid the hard work of writing your essay from scratch by carefully paraphrasing a free sample. If you do it properly, your teacher will have no reason to apply any penalties.

  • Search free essay databases by topic.
  • If your tutor has assigned the topic of your five-paragraph essay to you, look for free essays on the same topic. The Web should have lots of them; very few teachers give truly original topics. If you are allowed the choice of topic, your task is much easier. Look for anything you would like to write about.

  • Select an essay sample by main idea.
  • Download several samples of five-paragraph essays that you like best. Read each one carefully. Identify the essay’s main idea. Do you agree with it? Was the author’s view surprising but logically explained? Did the essay make you change your opinion on this subject, or learn something you did not know before? If your answer is “yes” to all three questions, it is a perfect sample for you to use. However, do not look for spelling and grammar perfection. An ideal sample essay for paraphrasing is the one with sound ideas but badly written. If the example has good language and style, you might have a hard time re-phrasing the paragraphs so as not to make them much worse.

  • Paraphrase.
  • Identify the main idea in each paragraph of the sample essay. Re-write the paragraph so as to express the same meaning in different words. It might not come out easy right away. Revise until you get a paragraph that reads smoothly and naturally.

  • Use thesaurus.
  • Most word processors have a built-in thesaurus. Use it to replace words from your essay sample by synonyms. However, be careful not to overuse rare and complicated words – it might look suspicious. Before inserting a thesaurus word, check its meaning in a dictionary. Do not use words that are not context-appropriate. For example, “high” is a synonym to “tall” but it doesn’t fit to describe a human.

  • Run a free anti-plagiarism check.
  • The final – and vital– step is making sure that your work reads like an original one. Use a free online anti-plagiarism check. The program will compare your text to millions of others available on the Web, and highlight the fragments that match a particular source. Re-phrase them in order not to get accused of plagiarism.