A List Of Outstanding Topics For Opinion Essays: 7 Great Suggestions

What exactly is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay, sometimes otherwise known as an argumentative or persuasive essay, essentially requires the writer to create a piece that puts forward a point of view along with any relevant arguments to support that point of view.

Generally, there will be a short introduction giving details of the proposed statement or opinion. This will then be followed by the body section, which will typically contain between three and five good arguments, depending on the requirements of the paper. Finally, there will be a conclusion section, which ties the whole paper together, and will be based upon the points brought up in the body section.

Picking subjects or topics that appeal to you

In order to write good opinion essays it is a good idea to pick subject or topics that are interesting to you. Ideally, the topic should inspire some sort of emotion in you, as this will help you to argue your points more succinctly.

If you have been given free rein when it comes to choosing a topic, then it can be a good idea to think about things that you are interested in. If you are still struggling to think of relevant topics then another good tip is to read the newspaper to see if there are any interesting articles or topical stories that you are interested in.

Choosing which side to argue for

Finally, you have to choose which side to argue for. It may seem obvious to argue for the side that you agree with; however, you may wish to challenge yourself by writing about the opposing point of view.

A list of great suggestions to your opinion essay

To give you a chance to get started, the following is a list of seven great suggestions for outstanding topics that you could use for your opinion essay. You don’t necessarily have to use them exactly as they are, but could instead tweak them to suit your needs.

  1. Young people should be made to compete at various sports
  2. Female politicians are still discriminated against in this day and age
  3. More should be done to increase the number of police officers from ethnic minority backgrounds
  4. People should pay for music rather than downloading it illegally
  5. The minimum wage should reflect a “living wage”
  6. Parents should do more to limit their children’s exposure to social media
  7. Tablets or laptops should replace printed learning materials in schools