The Economic Effects Of Gender And Divorce

Divorce is one of the things that can actually affect the economy. There are few things that can do this and divorce is one of these things. There are some factors that play into it affecting the economy. One, it takes a two income household and turns it into a one income household, which puts both families around the poverty level. This might not always be the case because both parents could have good jobs and be able to provide on their incomes but most families can’t. You also have to factor in child support and alimony to the income that these parent earn, which lowers their household income.

If both parents were raising their kids two low income jobs, it is still better for the economy then just one of these jobs. And divorce creates two households instead of one, which means more money to things like utilities and other expenses that would have only been one. Children from one of these households are more likely to be in poverty than kids from two parent households. This isn’t always the case but in studies it has also shown that girls are more likely to succeed in these households than boys.

You have probably heard the statistic that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce but the statistic for first marriages that end in divorce is about forty one percent as of 2012. This is a little bit lower than the original statistic but there are a lot of factors that they study to get that number. Divorces lead to families struggling to thrive in the economy, which is why it affects it so much. Divorces can also affect the mentality of the adults and children involved. Depression is a big one and this can lead to them not working and then having to spend more money on healthcare to help them.

Divorce can affect each person in the family unit differently, no matter the gender but divorce does have a lasting affect of the economy. This affects everyone because it can raise the poverty level, unemployment, and other factors that contribute to keeping the economy going. You probably never thought before that divorce can affect the economy until you look at the big picture but it does and there is really nothing that can be done about it. Divorce has been a part of it for a long time but the rates are slowing dropping because people are getting married at an older age and waiting to have kids.