Creating A Powerful Response Essay On Romeo And Juliet

A response essay is all about making an evaluation of another author's work. This may include a film, novel or a play such as Romeo and Juliet. A powerful paper should be persuasive. It should have relevant facts and personal opinion that either support or refute the work you are tackling. Below are steps on how to create the best thesis:

Planning strategies

Read and react. Whenever you are assigned this kind of assignment, the first step is to read and assess the topic; Romeo and Juliet so as to give you background knowledge of what you will be working on. Constantly read the text and take breaks in between in order to reflect on the content.

Craft a draft. Before creating your own draft, have an outline for the entire paper. Use the basic essentials, including an amazing introduction paragraph. However, for a reaction dissertation your first statement should contain the title Romeo and Juliet followed by the author's name while the last statement in your introduction should be a strong thesis statement.

State your opinion. In this case a writer is expected to have properly analyzed and compared the play. All in all, it should contain your own personal goals and opinions. For example, what impact has the play on you?

Writing strategies

Your work should be divided into paragraphs and they should have a logical flow of ideas and opinions. Each should also be direct and ensure definite responses.

First paragraph

This is what creates or pushes aside the number of readers to your work. It should direct and handle issues in the play that your paper will be focusing on. It is a mirror to the rest of the paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

This is where you build onto your ideas in the first paragraph. Each idea should be on its own. Therefore, the number of body paragraphs depends on the number of your first main points. It’s highly advisable that your points be supported by quotes of phrases from the text. However, do not bombard your readers with so many quotes and phrases.


The last paragraph should be a summary of your ideas and return its main focus back to the initial text. Remember, your main aim was not just to summarize. Provide a clear and logical response to your topic and express it in a manner that it matches with the established arguments.