Sixteen Great Middle School Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts

Well, writing is an art but to some it is a passion that stems from the soul. People like to write about topics they are passionate about and in that regard, sharing their experiences is best achieved through great writing. When it comes to essay writing and especially for academic purposes in middle school contests the story is quite different on the flipside of things. There are many kinds of academic papers ranging from expository essays, argumentative essays, cause and effects essays, narratives and persuasive literary pieces. All of these types different significantly and especially with regard to approach in writing. How you start a piece of writing greatly determines its cause but what about if you were to dig deep into what inspires your writing? Is there a force behind your passion in writing and if not, what prompts can prove rather instrumental to get you started on a middle school persuasive paper writing? This article, lists sixteen very important writing prompts that will guide you in crafting a moving persuasive essay writing in middle school.

  • Think about the social world and with this formulation of a topic that exemplifies how technology especially social media is influencing modern day learning is possible.
  • Drugs have become a big issue in modern day learning environment. Crafting a middle school essay on say how drug abuse influences academic performance in middle school is therefore something you can base you paper on.
  • Gun violence is a phenomenon that has taken many lives in middle school in recent years. An argumentative essay on gun control and how it has affected psychologically, survived victims, therapy effectiveness are some viable topics to think about.
  • Terror in school. Should terrorism studies be introduced in middle schools?
  • Curriculum and the job market. Is it worth the time?
  • Smart phones and learning. Do some Apps play the part for progress?
  • Music and Education. Do some genres play vital in learning and socialization?
  • Art studies and relevance in modern society. Is graffiti worth studying?
  • The place of infomercials in learning. Do they all have an impact?
  • Health and excellence. Does diabetes have negative psychological effects on performance at school?
  • The place of girls in modern day science. Do girls have what it takes to partake on scientific jobs?
  • Football and Social skills. Should football be studies in middle school?
  • Leadership, politics and security. What is the moral obligation of leaders in learning?
  • Culture and studies. Do cultural studies make a better person for modern day society?
  • Education, childhood and parenting. What obligations should parent have in moral education?
  • Climatic change and environmental conservation.