The Role Of Education In Society: A List Of Inspiring Essay Topics

Some possible religious areas that you may wish to include in your essay

With so many different religions around the world, it is possible to think of numerous topics to write about. For example, you may wish to write about Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism or any of the other major religions. Alternatively, it is possible to create essays based on lesser known religions, or even religions that may have died out, such as those relating to the Aztecs or the ancient Greeks, for example.

Being aware of any sensitivities when writing about religion

Whichever topic you do choose to write about, it is important to be aware of how to approach the subject in a sensitive manner. Writing content that can be seen as controversial may not only upset people, but could get you into trouble if the work is seen as being discriminative. As a result, any essays that you do right based on religion need to be thought about carefully.

Taking inspiration from prewritten essays

Whether you wish to find prewritten essays from your school or university, or you decide to look online for free papers or those that you need to pay for, it is possible to take inspiration from work that has been written previously by other students.

As well as helping to think of good topic ideas, by reading over prewritten samples it can also help to inspire good ideas for what content to include in your own essay.

Some possible ideas for your essay on religion

The following is a list of ideas that you may wish to use when trying to think of ideas for your work. Although the ideas may not be exactly what you’re looking for, it is possible that they may still help to inspire you to think of something good and relevant for your own work.

  • Should religion be excluded from the education system?
  • Should more be done to educate young people about the dangers of discrimination?
  • An analysis of whether or not free education benefits society
  • A study into the effectiveness of higher education and its benefits on a nation’s economy
  • An analysis of how Scandinavian countries regularly top education surveys
  • A comparison of educational techniques in Asia and the United States
  • Is the educational system doing a lot to promote healthy eating
  • Should manners and respect be taught at home or in the classroom?
  • Should education be prioritised in prisons?
  • Should more manual skills be taught in the educational system?