The Secrets of Writing a Winning Cause and Effect Essay

With a cause and effect essay, students must be able to write about the cause of a particular event. They must be able to show the effects of the event and the relationship between the different things that happened. The best way to write a winning cause and effect essay is to choose a topic that the student already understands. If they already have a basic knowledge of the topic, it will make the research and writing process much easier to complete.

Make a Strong Thesis

Teachers will mark down an essay that has a weak thesis. For students to receive the best grade on their paper, they need to make a thesis that directly states the cause of an effect. If the student is unable to do this immediately, they should sit down and brainstorm about the topic. They can list all of the effects of a different cause or all of the causes of a given effect. Once this is done, students can narrow down their topic until it becomes a clear thesis statement.

The Information Must Support the Thesis

After choosing a thesis, students must research evidence that supports the statement. All of the information should be able to directly tie back in with the thesis. By including all of the relevant information, students can make their paper much stronger. At the end of the essay, the reader should believe that the students initial thesis is correct. Throughout the body of the paper, students should incorporate relevant evidence, data and statistics.

There May Be Right or Wrong Answers

If a student is writing an essay about healthy eating, they cannot say that healthy eating causes obesity. This statement is false according to every relevant piece of data. Although the cause and effect essay may use a controversial thesis, the thesis still has to be plausible.

Topic Ideas

For a personal cause and effect essay, students can write about why they chose a particular major or course of study. They should consider what occurred in their life that led them to where they are now. If the essay is supposed to be non-personal, some interesting topics include the effects of yoga or meditation on the mind. Yoga and meditation have existed for thousands as a way for practitioners to calm their minds. In recent years, modern science has started to document and research the effects of these practices on the mind. Not only is there plenty of research about this topic, but it is a unique one to choose for students.