Creating A Narrative Essay Conclusion On Bullying: 10 Useful Tips

If you are writing a narrative essay conclusion on bullying you may be unsure of how to craft your concluding statement. The conclusion is typically one of the most challenging aspects of any writing piece for students that if you follow these 10 tips below you will have no problems.

  1. Start by reviewing the information you produced in your paper. You want to look over each of the topics and the supporting details that you covered within the body of the paragraphs.

  2. Try to look at your outline for the final assignment to review the different body paragraphs contained in your structure.

  3. You want your conclusion to amount to roughly 10% of the total length of your particular assignment. So if your narrative is 10 pages long you want to conclusion that is one page long. If it is instead only five paragraphs long and watch a conclusion that is one paragraph.

  4. You should have roughly one sentence for each body paragraph contained inside of your conclusion. This means that if you have three body paragraphs concluding statement should contain three separate sentences, one for each of the body paragraphs.

  5. You want your final paragraph to work in tandem with your introduction to frame the arguments that you are presenting. This means that the concluding statement should mirror the information that you presented in your introduction. It should contain the same general structure with the same information. The exception to this is the fact that the introduction provide your reader with a small piece of information about what is to come in the course of the assignment while the final paragraph reiterates to the reader what supporting evidence you presented.

  6. Do not simply regurgitate the information in the introduction but instead remind the reader of what important pieces of evidence you presented.

  7. It is best that the final paragraph end with a call to action or some other strong statistic or fact. the reason for this is that the last thing the reader reviews in the course of your paper is what they will remember the most so if you reiterate all of the information you presented in your final paragraph and you present the reader with a call to action or shocking statistic at the end it will draw their attention.

  8. Do not introduce any new information at this time. Never present something in your final paragraph which you have not presented in another paragraph within the body of your assignment.

  9. Do not make this area emotional but stick to informational.

  10. Avoid exaggeration or any information which is not relevant