Secret Tips To Help You Create A Compare And Contrast Essay In Literature

Compare and contrast essays are something that you will fall instantly in love with. Here, you weigh in the capacity and prowess of an entity by pitting it against a similar entity. You labor to find some special points of distinction and there lies the magic.

  • The Roshomon effect
  • If you are confused as to how to create the write-up, here is a secret tip. Try the Roshomon effect! Now, said effect is about assessing different features of the entities rather than making a subjective enquiry.

    Thus, when you pit Capitalism against Communism; you can pick different points of impact. There is the period of genesis, the principles; the countries following it; the goals; the highs and lows.

  • Points of difference
  • Another tip is to go for points of difference. When you find out a number of points they differ on; you will naturally find points where they have a common line. Try doing it with two religions and you will get the grip.

    When it comes to Literature, you should go deep and find what the pieces stand for; realism, surrealism, magic realism; et al. what is the genre; thriller, suspense; romance, drama. You can also check the origin of writers; the countries or even the races.

  • Flavors and fetishes
  • Now, every language has a particular flavor. English is quite versatile and flowing; Spanish has a Latin touch to it; German is quite rigid and puritan. Certain languages yield themselves better to prose than to poetry.

    You should also map out the impact that the two books had on you. There are books that make an instant appeal but once its effect settles down; you feel that the book is actually average. There are also books which do not hit you in the first connection, but later on begins to haunt you. It is the same with movies, songs and other pieces of art.

  • Brain and heart
  • You should use both your brain and heart to compare and contrast the literary agents. The heart will bring about the evocative points while the brain will suggest the analytical viewpoint. Thus, your essay will become deep and multi-layered.

You should also make it a point to ultimately stand for one entity in comparison to the other. You should not take a neutral tone because, surely, one has got to be better than the other. Yes, that decision should not be wrought out from bias and prejudice. Decide well.