Composing a Strong 300-Word Paper

A strong 300 word paper, is one of the most difficult tasks any writer can do, let alone a student trying to keep their grades up. But they are required in many classes. Composing one, is no simple task, but one that can be done with confidence. When knowing how to compose one of these tasks, it makes the job much easier, and more effective with your time. So here are some tips for composing a 300 word paper.

  1. Research more than You Need
  2. Structure
  3. Effective Wording
  4. Condense a 5000 word paper
  5. Be Direct

Research more than You Need

The best way to compose a 300 word paper, is to have more information than you need. Work off the information one would use in writing a 5000 word paper, so that there is enough information to work with. I know it sounds wrong, but the best writers of these types of papers do just that. In one way or another, this information will be used, or will help in the condensing of it.


A 300 word paper, should have about three paragraphs, each around 100 words each. There should also be about two references per paragraph. The introduction will be a bit different also. The introduction should consist of a; thesis statement, and personal view. Do not worry about the catch line, or the outline, make the thesis line as interesting as possible. But the introduction will also feed directly into the body. The body will start in the first paragraph, so this has to be short, and easy to accomplish.

Effective Wording

“Effective” is used here, because for different types of subjects, this is different for many types. If the student is writing about a trip, or place, then “effective” becomes ‘descriptive’. On a process, or technology, then “effective” becomes ‘informative’, and so on. Use the strongest words to explain what is being written about, as so more can be said, in fewer words.

Condense a 5000 word Paper

By using the strongest wording possible, and having enough information, it is easier to condense. A strong 300 word paper is highly condensed, to say as much as a 5000 word paper, in fewer words. Look for every way to condense every statement, every thought, to express in few words.

Be Direct

Do not wander off, stay directly on point. Don’t be so direct, it comes off as curt, but is still interesting to read.