Writing A Synthesis Essay: What To Know About The Format

What is synthesis essay?

Before you start writing your synthesis essay, you need to know what it is all about. If you are in any academic program, you must have encountered multiple essays in the past, like dissertations, definition, and now you have to face yet another type, synthesis. Here you try to build connections between different things such as works and events, so as to establish the topic on which you are writing. This sounds a bit complicated, but you will get the hold of it eventually as you proceed.

Before you get into the format of such essays, you need to know a few things. There are certain data that you need to collect before you actually start writing.

  • Decide a topic on which you are going to build the whole thing.
  • Collect some source material that can support your topic.
  • Go through the source material to ensure that there are enough inter-connectable works or events relevant to the topic.
  • Prepare a thesis statement.
  • Consider if your thesis statement and resources are in sync or not.

The format for synthesis essay

After you have done all this, you are okay to go ahead and start on the real thing. However, there is a conventional format that you should follow. This guarantees that your work is easily understandable and has some standard.

The things that you need to include in your synthesis essay are

  • It must have a good introductory paragraph. This paragraph has your thesis statement. It introduces the reader to your topic, so it must be catchy. It also needs to set a tone for the rest of the content to follow.
  • The body – here you establish your topic. You give the works or events, and then you try and establish a connection between them and relate everything to the topic you choose.
  • The conclusion – where you show how the connections you established actually proves your topic or research. This paragraph has a longing effect on the reader’s mind, so it needs to be strong and bold.

There are different types of synthesis essays that you can come across. Depending on what kind you are writing, there might be some special requirements and format specification. However, this is the basic layout that you should have at the back of your mind when you think everything. Pay special attention to the connections.