Academic Writing Made Simple: Free Response Essay Samples Online

A response essay can be simply defined as a response to the work of an author. It is your personal attitude and reaction to the ideas that have been revealed in the author's work and how its application affects the life of the author. Any arguments that are expressed are extremely subjective in character and they directly correspond to the critical abilities of the author. By searching for examples of response essays online you will be able to find a fountain of information on everything from proper formatting examples, to specific book sample essays.

What to look for in samples online

  • In order to find free response samples online, you need to know what you are looking for. There are numerous different formats that the essay can be done in, so be sure to check on the professor's requirements. The most common types that you are likely to be assigned are AMA, APA, Turabian/ Chicago, or MLA.
  • Do a search looking for "free response essays + the name of the work that you will be writing your essay on". There will be thousands of results that are returned so pick a few a random and give them a quick read.
  • If you have actually read the book then you will quickly be able to determine if the samples that you are reading are worth a closer look. Pay attention to some of the points that the writer made in the essay. Are there elements that you agree with? Interesting arguments that you may find useful?
  • While the objective here is not to copy the work that another writer has done, some of the ideas that they express may be quite close to your own personal feelings. If this is the case, write the thoughts down so that they are in your own words.
  • Check to see if there are any interesting points or ways of looking at the author's work that you may not have thought of. Reading the sample may very well give you a new perspective from which to write your essay.

The other important thing about browsing through free samples online is that they can potentially keep you on track with your writing. You can also double-check the work of other essay writers to be sure that you have not missed any main points that would be essential to your arguments or opinions.