How To Write A 7th Grade Descriptive Essay: Basic Hints For Dummies

Descriptive essays require the author to thoroughly explore and discuss a particular topic or situation without attempting to convince the reader of any specific opinion or conclusion. There are many ways one can go about constructing a good descriptive essay and these methods can be easily found online and learned. Here are 5 tips that will prove helpful when writing a descriptive essay for the 7th grade:

  1. Choose a good topic
  2. The choice of topic can largely influence the difficulty of an essay. Give careful thought to your options before deciding on a topic, it is often easier to write on a topic that can be interpreted in many different ways from different angles. Topics that involve an ideology or is affected largely by the person making the observation are preferable, for example “Describe what love feels like”.

  3. Gather information
  4. Before you begin writing, you should gather as much information on the topic as you can and list them all. Do not disregard any piece of information, be very thorough and as objective as you can. Use a wide verity of sources for your research and be sure to reference the original authors where necessary.

  5. Sort data by importance
  6. Now that you have gathered your information in one place, proceed to sort through the list and select the most important points and separate them from the insignificant ones. Being a descriptive essay, you can choose to represent the particular object or situation based on your own personal understanding of it, however, any paper is received best when the statements made can be supported by empirical evidence.

  7. Find good examples
  8. The easiest way to convey an idea or thought to another person is usually by example. Put some though into constructing an example that can be understood by as many different people as possible, this way your idea is least likely to be lost on the readers.

  9. Be objective
  10. You may be presenting your description of a particular scenario but you must still try to maintain an air of objectivity. In this way, the readers are more likely to be able to relate to your description of the object.

  11. Choose a proper format
  12. There are many acceptable layouts one can utilize when constructing an essay and these lay outs can be found easily using any search engine. Unless specified by your instructor, feel free to browse the list of layout types and select one that best suits your tastes.