Composing A Strong Reflective Essay On Your Writing Skills

Self-reflective essay is a concise paper where one is supposed to describe his or her experience and it changed him or how it helped him grow. As expected, this kind of essay mostly requires the students to reflect on their scholastic growth from assignments and project. The idea is to paint a vivid picture showing how you have grown and changed with respect to the topic.

  • Introduction
  • Everyone who understands the importance of writing skills always strives to reach perfection at some point. Mine has been quite a tedious journey that has brought the best out of me. Writing has broadened my mind as well as improved my literature skills. In essence, I have managed to learn the basics of doing proper research and eventually construct professional write-ups that are up to standard. I have richly learned the art of changing the persona and I am still working on bettering my transitions between my ideas.

  • Personal Experiences
  • During my writing period I have been able to write a wide range of articles that have played a great role in shaping up my carrier and skills. In my earlier stages of writing, I had been asked to do some creative writing; in the process I learned that sufficient research is vital when writing. In another aspect I had challenges finding the required information for my articles and thus I had to improvise by twitching my search a little bit so that I could find thin information then using general knowledge I was able to create content easily. I eventually got to understand that information will not always be presented on a silver-platter; you will have to go the extra mile to find it.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • When I started writing, my typing speed was surely slow. Over time I have gained sufficient typing speed that enables me to quickly finish my assignments.

    Back then I hadn’t learnt the art rearranging my work for better flow and thus it was difficult for the reader to understand my ideas. With time I have gained the knowledge of planning my articles and thus flow better.

    I believe am still poor in proof reading my final piece and therefore I sometimes deliver my articles with a few typing errors. This is the area I really need to work on to better improve the quality of my work.

  • Conclusion
  • With the vast knowledge I have acquired through my writing journey, I plan to finally write e-books that can easily guide future writers on the right path to success.

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