Writing A Solid Introduction For An Explanatory Essay On Technology

When you write an essay, the most important thing is the topic. If the subject is easy you will finish it in a few hours. However, if you don’t know it, it can take a few days until you gather enough information to start writing. Considering this, your explanatory essay on technology should be easy as long as you focus. Follow these guidelines by writemypaper123.com to know how to build a good introduction for your composition:

  • Give clear information about your topic. In the first lines you have to let your readers know what are you writing about and why. In this case, you can write a few words about how important technology is and how much we use it in our daily lives. If you chose this topic by yourself, you can mention what made you do so.
  • Explain what is your main goal. Why are you writing this composition? You want to let your colleagues know more about technology, or you want to prove a certain point? It is important to mention this from the first lines, so you will know in what direction to go when you write the body of the composition.
  • Make it exciting. What is your main aim when you write the introduction? Of course, to make the students interested in this content and to convince them to continue reading. For this, you have to use mystery and to know how much to reveal from your content. For example, you can tell them what research methods you used and from where you took your information, but don’t tell them what valuable information you found.
  • Keep it short. If you really like the subject you can be tempted to write more than one or two paragraphs. Even if you have interesting ideas, this can be too much, and your professor will assume that you don’t know what is the proper structure for a composition of this kind. To keep it at the right size, keep yourself away from details or too many explanations. In the end, if someone is interested to know more he can just read the rest of the text.
  • Don’t use complicated terms. You don’t have to scare them away, so don’t use unknown words from the first lines. Search for synonyms if you really have to express a certain idea, and you can develop it later.