How To Pay For Essay: A Comprehensive Tutorial For Students

When it comes to making payment for whichever service; particularly after you've made a decision "I will pay someone to write my essay", you should be super careful. Many people have paid hefty price for a service that is simply not worth it. Sometimes it is plagiarized work while other times it is substandard content. This is why you should not just go for any esay writing service agency. Here are some procedural steps to follow on paying for your essay.

  • Step 1:Identify a suitable essay writing platform
  • More often than not, it is easier for any person to trust a writing agency as opposed to an individual. This is so because of the fraudulent cases that happens every time. Either a person pays for a service that is not worthwhile or an essay writer ends up getting nothing after delivering super high quality essay. However, the essay writing services do not only safeguard the rights of the writers but also of clients. This is the first thing to do before paying for any essay writing service.

  • Step 2: Register as a client
  • Soon after setting for a particular essay writing platform, the next big thing is signing up as a client. This is the only way you can be able to hire an essay writer. It enables you to be identified as an individual that is after an order. Therefore, you can easily be able to assign your essay writing order to the desired service provider.

  • Step 3: put cash on till
  • One of the best things about the genuine essay writing platforms is that payment is assured for the writer. No client is allowed to make an order without having to put some cash on the till. Therefore, the writer does the work while seeing the actual cash but are not paid before completing the assigned work. This ensures that neither the writer nor the client feels deceived throughout the transaction.

  • Step 4: have the cash paid
  • On completion of the essay, the first thing is to wait for the work to be revised by the client. It is only after that when you can buy an essay. At the client's satisfaction, the writer makes a request for payment where the system will automatically transfer the funds from the site to the writer's account.


This procedure is what actually happens in most of the essay writing agencies, platforms. This agency is among them.