Directions To Follow When Writing A Narrative Descriptive Essay

A narrative essay is one which is pretty much a short story, and in particular on a personal experience. You are supposed to write on something that you encountered, an experience that you can easily relate to. The importance of such an essay comes from the fact that it does allow you to understand yourself much better, and in the process help you become a better writer.

Now if you are supposed to make the narrative descriptive, you have to be very careful. The reason for this is because if the paper is only narrative, you are free to play around with the order of events. However, if you are asked to make the paper a narrative descriptive essay, the teacher is looking to ensure that you are able to not only write the paper and give a good account of ideas, but also to stay with the flow according to a given chronology of events.

The whole concept behind writing this essay therefore is to allow you the chance of creating in the mind of your readers an amazing imagination of what you are talking about in your writing. They need to see what you are writing about, without necessarily being there.

Choose a topic

First you will need to ensure that you have a good topic to start with. A good topic will go so far in ensuring that you are able to get the paper to strike a nerve in the reader’s mind. Remember that choosing a good topic will often earn you more marks than just standing by anything that comes your way.

Come up with a thesis statement

Coming up with a thesis statement is important. There is no essay that you can ever write without this. The reason for this is because this statement pretty much provides the guidelines that you need for you to write a good paper in the long run.

After that you can then go on to proceed with the paper in a manner that you would normally write any other paper. This means that you need to have a very good introduction, follow it through with a well-choreographed body and in the long run, finish the paper with a very good conclusive chapter.

You may need to use some references in this paper too, so do not ignore that tiny hint.