Using Great Essay Topics: A List of Inspiring Suggestions

If you're working on an essay, sometimes it can be a little hard to find a great topic, but we have come up with a few inspiring suggestions that might help you:


  • Consider writing a comparison contrast paper about how society has progressed over the years and social media has taken off. As you look for inspiration and look for things that you can debate over, you will find that you can use things like Facebook and stress that we don't have connections with people. We just have likes, or we have tweets with Twitter.
  • Another alternative is to writing your paper is to do a comparison contrasts and describe how over years ago we had the postal service, we had meet and greets, and now we just have YouTube, videos, chats, and instant messaging.
  • Or you could use this paper idea and write about how with social media, we are really doing away with how we utilize materials that our parents grew up with, for example we don't use libraries as often because all of our information is online. We don't write letters by hand, and sometimes we don't even type. We peck at the computer and we use auto correct instead of spelling words out.
  • Another great piece that you can consider, as we transition from the computer and software to apps is how will that change the Internet. Is it something that we should be concerned about because now we have all of these apps that we use but they're not connected to websites.
  • What if you turn your attentions to the future and think about looking forward. What will happen when we have smart watches, and glasses? Will Google glass change how we view the world?
  • Or you could tie all of this into one paper and pose the question, What do you foresee as being the biggest change that will come through our internet and social media access? Think about how
  • over the years, the CD player was popular and that's gone. The DVD player was popular and now that's gone, and now, the big thing is streaming content. So will the next big thing take streaming to another level where our computers will be something visually in front of us, where we just look in the air and the images are projected in front of us? How will society change with this? And how will it affect our marketing initiatives and advertising?