Great Advice That Will Help You Compose An Essay On Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech means having the liberty to say, express or publically announces any thoughts, ideas and opinions as long as they are not harassing or accusative in nature. The belief that every living being has an equal right to live, act, think and behave in whatever they find best, leads us to have freedom of expression and speech. For example, a physicist has the equal right to believe and say there is no super natural existence beyond our knowledge, as does the religious believer to believe in God. Similarly, people can have their own opinions about a government, artwork, famous personalities, nation, religion and culture. As long as they are not harassing or accusing someone else, it is fine to say what you believe.

However, this is the theoretical definition of freedom of speech, which is not exactly similar to the realistic approach. Freedom of speech is more of an ethical and psychological approach than a political. Even though you have the right to say what you feel but you should not be saying insane stuff about someone’s belief system that he or she is emotionally affiliated to. This does not only hurt them but can also lead to worse case scenarios. There have been murders, violence and criminal acts in response to what someone though were a mere right to speak.

  • The purpose of this introduction is to help you understand the subject that you are to write your essay on. By reading these two paragraphs, you will have two directions for your essay.
  • You can pick the one that seems more appropriate to you. You can either go with the flow and write what everyone else feels about the subject as in former paragraph or take a different stance and show why freedom of speech is not what it is supposed to be
  • Remember whatever stance you take, you need to stay by it and find enough relevant data to prove your ideas. Do not change your direction as the essay unfolds because that will show a conflict of ideas. You need to have a clear mind and decide what you want to focus upon.
  • There is no change in the structure and format of the essay so you do not need to worry about that.
  • Remember to choose a catchy and unique topic for your essay on freedom of speech