How do you Write an Outline for an Essay: a List of Handy Tips

One of the most important parts of doing an essay, is creating an outline to write with. The outline is the blueprint of your essay, how it will be formed, and what will be said. And what it is that is wanted to be done in the essay. Here are some tips on how to write an outline for an essay.

  1. Prepare all Information
  2. Plan the Essay
  3. Write an Introduction Outline
  4. Write a body Outline
  5. Write the Conclusion Outline

Prepare all Information

Figure out your topic, and then do all the research for your essay. When the topic is picked, then think about what you want to say with the essay, and research to promote that idea. Make two sets of notes, one for your information, and one for the references. The first set of notes, at the end of each set of notes, say where they came from, so the reference can be properly tied to it. It is ok to copy and paste in the notes, as this is only for you.

Plan the Essay

Now that everything is done, and you are about to write the outline, start by figuring out what goes where. Don’t worry that the placement might change, it sometimes does, but at least have a game plan. At least one reference should go into the introduction, and one in the conclusion. The rest will go into the body. If a history is required, one can go there too.

Write an Introduction Outline

When you start writing the outline, it is just the same as the essay itself. Write an outline for each section. In the Introduction, outline, tell yourself what you plan to do; what style of catch line will you start with, how will the problem be referred to, and so on. Also state where the reference be used at, so you know to use it there. If you plan to use the reference for the second line, then make the problem statement in a way the reference will support it.

Write a Body Outline

Use this part to muster most of your references into it. Where will your references be best used at, and how. One paragraph might be about a study that something unexpected was found, direct that paragraph towards the reference that tells about it.

Write a Conclusion Outline

Close your essay, and know where you are going to be short on time at, and plan to close that point there. Use another reference to help close it. If more research needs done, then plan to point that out, by stating you want to make a request for more research.