Ten Ideas For Crafting An Outstanding Essay On Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers began as a collection of writings by a class of Los Angeles below average, swallowed by the system students who were given an outlet by their teacher, Ms. Gruewell, to express the adversities of their life via journal entries. Writing an essay on this topic can be broken down into the following ideas:

  • Research-Read the book The Freedom Writers Diary and watch the movie titled Freedom Writers.
  • Organize the main discussion topics into a timeline of events
  • Begin the project with a general and brief introduction explaining the book and the movie a based on a true story.
  • Where- Give a description of the circumstances of area in which the school is located such as the gangs, racial angst and poverty. Using description to convey the societal dejection of the students will grab the attention of your audience and build a plot. Building points about the self-segregation, the at-risk students and the challenges faced daily will aid in this.
  • Who-It is important to describe the main characters in a way that your audience can relate to the transition each experienced. The teacher, Ms. Gruewell, is the key character so she should have the most development. As there are several students of importance, choosing a single student or two would be sufficient to represent all of them.
  • What-Explain the intention behind Ms. Gruewell’s decision to teach in this format and the challenges she faced in doing so. As the book is based on the actions of the Freedom Riders who lead the fight against segregation in the 1960’s this is a point to inject race and the connection to Anne Frank, Miep Gies and the Zlata Filipovic’s lives.
  • Why-The heart of your essay will be the why. Explain why the writing project became a life altering experience for the students and the teacher. Using a transition of Miep Gies speaking to the students as a lead into why it changed their lives.
  • How- Delve into the details of how the project progressed and the trial and tribulations faced by both the students and teacher.
  • Follow up-Use this portion to transition from the story to where the project is now and how the students continued with their lives.
  • Conclusion-Sum up the story using the key points you organized in step two

This is a fascinating story of society’s “lost” children who were given an opportunity to grow through writing. With research, organization and answering the basic questions writing an essay on this topic should flow smoothly and tell a cohesive story.