How to Write a Perfect Movie Analysis Essay in 10 Steps

Writing a movie analysis is tricky because your only frame of reference is your own interpretation of the movie itself. You do not have any written material to support your perspectives so whatever you evaluate is a reflection of how your brain responds to theatrical art. It is about putting a sequence of pictures and emotions into words and requires thorough evaluation.

Therefore, to aid you in this matter, I have compiled an easy 10 steps guide to help you through with writing just the perfect movie analysis essay.

  1. Watch the Movie Once

    When you decide to watch “the movie” for your analysis, keep a notepad and a pen along to take notes. In the first go, note down the prominent, major elements like the setting, the characters, the native language, picture quality, sound quality and other such visible characteristics of the movie. This will help you formulate your technical perspective about the quality of movie.

  2. Watch it again

    The second time you watch the movie, try to look out for the hidden meanings, themes, the plot itself, symbolism and other implicit elements that require some brain struggle.

  3. Look for the following things

    If you are analyzing a historical movie or biography, which is based on facts, it is your job to validate them. If you find contradictions or modifications, note the down because these will later help you in writing the analysis. If it is a fictional movie then use your imagination and judgment to note down the strengths and weaknesses of the movie.

  4. Introduce your movie

    Now start your essay with an elaborative introduction of the movie. Talk about the genre, the director, the native language, cast and rest of the filming crew. Shed some light on the general setting of the movie and the costumes etc. Introduce your movie as if its entire success depends on your introduction.

  5. Introduce the characters

    By now, you should have a clear idea about all the characters and roles. Start off with the lead roles followed by the supporting roles, the villains etc. this would require very brief character sketches so it is okay if you decide you discuss the prominent roles only.

  6. Introduce the story

    It is time to talk about the plot. Now you do not want to spoil the suspense by giving a very descriptive and detailed picture. It should only talk about the major events and the plot twists etc.

  7. Technical Jargons

    Acquaint yourself with cinematic terminologies and technical jargons to criticize or appreciate the cinematography.

  8. Write an analysis

    Write the analysis; use your imagination and creativity.

  9. Compare other reviews with your analysis

    Just to make your essay more objective, pick up one or two of the most reviews about the movie and throw in a comparative opinion to spice it up.

  10. Overview to see if you’re missing out on anything

    If you have time, go through the movie once again to make sure you have everything covered in your review.